Stopping discrimination and fraud in the marketplace

Each year, countless individuals are harmed by corporate wrongdoing. Whether it’s debt collection harassment, discrimination on the basis of a disability, inaccurate credit reports, predatory lending, unlawful employment practices, or invasion of privacy, misconduct is ever-present. 

East End Trial Group serves as a counterweight. We represent persons with debt and credit problems, individuals discriminated against on the basis of a disability, employees denied fair wages, and citizens denied the basic right to privacy. Call today to see if we can help.

We help consumers fight unfair debt, credit, and lending practices.

We stop practices that discriminate against individuals with disabilities.

We help employees denied wages, compensation, or the ability to work.

We help individuals who were denied the fundamental right to privacy.

East End Trial Group
Let Us Help You Today

We help individuals harmed by corporate and institutional misconduct. We defend people against credit card lawsuits, sue debt collectors, lenders, and credit reporting agencies for unfair practices, stop disability discrimination, return wages to employees, and get compensation for individuals denied the right to privacy. 

Fighting for Fairness

Our attorneys represent individuals seeking justice against corporations, businesses, and institutional actors. We represent individuals with disabilities, consumers harmed by debt collectors, lenders and credit reporting agencies, individuals denied the right to privacy, and employees denied fair wages. 

For the vast majority of clients, East End Trial Group provides free legal representation. We are able to do so because many statutes allow us to recover our fees and costs from the companies that are cause harm. Contact us today to see if we can help you.