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Consumer Law

Consumer attorneys help individuals dealing with debt and credit problems, corporate fraud, collection issues, predatory lending, unwanted calls, and a host of other issues that cause harm to consumers. 

East End Trial Group regularly represents individuals with the following issues:

  • Debt Collection Harassment
  • Credit Report Problems
  • Predatory Lending
  • Credit Card Lawsuit Defense
  • Personal Loan Lawsuit Defense
  • Student Loan Lawsuit Defense
  • Unwanted Robocalls

If your legal rights were violated, we often can represent you for free. Most consumer statutes allow attorneys to get their fees and costs from the company that harmed you. 

If you’re getting sued for old debt, we offer low cost, flat fees in defense of consumers. We often offer a money back guarantee if we don’t win your case.

Complete our contact form for a free case review.

Disability Rights

East End Trial Group represents individuals with disabilities whose civil rights were violated. We help clients eliminate barriers to information, technology, housing, education, employment, and transportation. We never charge our clients for representation.

We rely on complex, system-changing class-action cases, structured negotiations, and other forms of advocacy to reform systems and practices that discriminate against people with disabilities, including mobility, sensory, cognitive, and psychiatric.

We take pride in litigating high-impact disability rights cases and in representing individuals with disabilities, their families, and the advocacy organizations to which they belong.

Please contact us to discuss any discriminatory industry practices you’ve encountered.

Employment Problems

East End Trial Group helps employees denied fair wages and the ability to work. 

Federal and state laws mandate that employees get paid fair wages and require those wages be paid on time. Federal and state law also prohibit or limit employer access and use of certain employee information.

Here are some of the employment problems we help with:

  • Denied Overtime Wages
  • Denied Minimum Wages
  • Improper Use of Criminal Background Checks
  • Improper Access to Credit Reports

If you’re having employment problems, please complete our contact form for a free case review. We often are able to represent employees at no cost.

Privacy Violations

Privacy violations concern the unauthorized viewing, taking, disclosure, retention, or use of sensitive, protected, or confidential data, like health information, personally identifiable information (social security numbers and addresses), intellectual property, trade secrets, emails, passwords, or other statutorily protected information. When sensitive information is disclosed, it can result in fraud or identity theft.

East End Trial Group helps people protect their privacy rights and seek redress when companies fail to protect personal information.

Consumers must be careful when they interact with companies and data brokers that collect personal information. This is especially true when the terms of use and privacy policies authorize these companies to keep data indefinitely.

Please contact us if you receive a breach notice letter or email, or if you believe your information was disclosed, used, or stored improperly or without authorization. If you think you’re data has been hacked, you may consider purchasing a password manager if you don’t use one already (we like 1Password) and monitoring your emails at HIBP.

Shareholder Disputes

Officers and directors owe corporations and their shareholders a duty of care and loyalty. East End Trial Group helps shareholders hold companies accountable when management breaches these duties. 

For example, suppose the top brass convinced a company’s compensation committee to award them millions of dollars in unwarranted stock option payments. A lawsuit challenging these awards can have the beneficial effect of forcing the executives to return the unwarranted compensation, ensure the company’s stock option plan is interpreted properly going ahead, and deter corporate wrongdoing across the board. 

The law also requires that when a public company speaks, it does so truthfully. For example, top officers must fairly present a company’s financial condition and results of its operations. When business is good, it must say so. When it’s not, it must say that too. East End Trial Group prosecutes claims on behalf of shareholders who purchased or sold securities at a price that was negatively affected by a company’s misleading disclosures. 

Please contact us if you believe a company breached its duties to you.

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