How Can I Find Credit Report Errors?

Credit reports are crucial to demonstrating your financial health and creditworthiness. The information contained in credit reports are heavily relied upon when consumers apply for loans, credit, housing, insurance, and employment. Credit reports detail your debt and credit activity, credit limits, loan amounts, payment history, and lender information. The more positive your credit report, the […]

Can a Background Check Error Kill Your Job Opportunity?

Learning that there are errors in your background check report can be frightening and prevent you from being hired. However, genuine mistakes and inaccurate information in background check reports are quite common for many reasons and are usually correctible. When a background check reporting agency prepares reports, they cull information from multiple sources and public […]

What Are Different Types of Auto Fraud?

Auto insurance fraud costs auto insurers approximately $30 billion each year, impacting millions of innocent motorists across the country. Auto fraud often results in severe financial penalties and legal consequences. There are many ways auto insurance fraud can take place, but they all fall into two main categories: Soft fraud: Soft auto insurance fraud is […]

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