Kevin Abramowicz - Co-Founder

Kevin Abramowicz is the co-founder of East End Trial Group. Kevin started his career as an attorney working at a national plaintiffs class action firm. Before co-founding East End, Kevin founded a consumer rights law firm.

Throughout his career, Kevin has litigated individual and class action cases involving debt collection harassment, unfair lending, consumer fraud, wage and hour violations, and disability and credit discrimination. Kevin has litigated cases in various state and federal courts throughout the nation. Kevin also has defended hundreds of consumers sued by debt collectors, credit card companies, and other lenders.

Kevin is licensed to represent clients in Pennsylvania state and federal court. He also works with attorneys from other states to represent clients that reside throughout the United States.

Courts have certified Kevin as class counsel in cases concerning the rights of persons with mobility disabilities and individuals denied fair wages.

Kevin also has made substantial litigation contributions to class actions that have provided over twenty million dollars of value to consumers across the country.

Currently, Kevin is in the process of successfully litigating first-of-a-kind legal theories in courts throughout Pennsylvania.

To date, Kevin has prosecuted or is in the process of prosecuting some of the following types of class actions: